At last after so many years with so many struggles we reached nearest to our goal Regularization of all Officiating JTOs, but some more pain also we have to bear to become Regular JTO.

We Convey our sincere Thanks to all 2nd Screening Test Qualified Officiating JTOs (2378). In these some Officiating JTOs are retired and some are expired without taking any benefit. We convey our heartfelt Sorry to them.

We convey our sincere Thanks to the following active representatives of the Officiating JTO Association throughout the India for their full fledged support in all aspects.

1)    Sri U.K.Tripathi                 (Uttara Pradesh)
2)    Sri Srivastav                      (Uttara Pradesh)
3)    Sri B.A.Rao                       (Gujarat)
4)    Sri R.C.Manwar               (Gujarat)
5)    Sri Hemanth Arora           (Madhya Pradesh)
6)    Sri Skhama Dokhely         (Madhya Pradesh)
7)    Sri P.G.Tom                       (RaJasthan)
8)    Sri Mahender Pal Singh    (Rajasthan)
9)    Sri Manikantan                 (Tamilnadu)
10)           Sri Anajan Vannan        (Tamilnadu)
11)           Sri Manjunath               (Karnataka)
12)           Sri Ramachandran        (Karnataka)
13)           Sri B.D.Wani                 (Maharasthra)
14)           Sri K.B.Naik                  (Maharasthra)
15)           Sri B.K.Waru                 (Chattisghar)
16)           Sri P.S.Rao                     (Chattisghar)
17)           Sri Pusparajan               (Kerala)
18)           Sri Gopalakrishna         (Kerala)
19)           Sri Sureshkumar           (Kerala)
20)           Sri Paresh Rakshit        (Kolkota)
21)           Sri Mruthunjay              (Kolkota)
22)           Sri S.Ghosh                    (Kolkota)
23)           Sri Pawankumar            (J&K)
24)           Sri K.K.Sharma              (Haryana)
25)           Sri Jitram                        (Haryana)
26)           Sri Y.Ramakrishnarao    (Andhra Pradesh)
27)           Sri M.Rajender Reddy    (Andhra Pradesh)
28)           Sri Hanuma Reddy          (Andhra Pradesh)
29)           Sri D.Narsimha Raju       (Andhra Pradesh)
30)           Sri Ravindra Babu           (Andhra Pradesh)
We also convey our sincere Thanks to the following leaders of the Unions/Associations.
         1)    Sri Suresh Kumar            Secretary General, BTEF.
2)    Sri Mallikarjun                 President, BTEF.
3)    Sri Chandeshwar Sing     General Secretary,  NFTE.
4)    Sri Islam Ahmed               President, NFTE.
5)    Sri Rajamallu                   Vice President, NFTE.
6)    Sri V.A.N.Namboodri       President, BSNLEU.
7)    Sri P.Abhimanyu              General Secretary, BSNLEU.
8)    Sri P.Ashokbabu              Vice President, BSNLEU.
9)    Sri J.Sampathrao            Circle Secretary, BSNLEU.
10)           Sri Jayaprakash         General Secretary, FNTO.
11)           Sri Venkataraman      General Secretary, TEPU.
12)           Sri Subburaman         President, TEPU.
13)           Sri S.P.Sharma           General Secretary, WRU.
1)    Sri Prahlad Rai           General Secretary, AIBSNLEA.
2)    Sri Venugopal             President, AIBSNLEA.
3)    Sri Sebastin                General Secretary, SNEA India.
4)    Sri G.L.Jogi                President, SNEA India.
5)    Sri H.P.Singh              General Secretary, BSNLOA.
We also convey our Thanks to Sri U.KANAKA RAJU Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh for the continuous updating of our Blog.

Still so many misleading calls, SMS and Mails are spreading from some of our friends. Don’t trust. Because those will make so much of confusion.

All the Officiating JTOs are well known that our association is continuously perused the Officiating arrangements after every 179 days. So many hurdles we faced for the continuation of Officiating arrangement in some Circles. After continuous perusal with the Corporate Office and Circles we succeeded in all those issues till our last goal of Regularization.

Our Association also filed so many Court cases in Circles / New Delhi / High Courts of Delhi and Panjab / Supreme Court of India on Regularization and FR 22(1)a(1) issues.

Now our Association is once again requesting to all the Officiating JTOs, at this stage we need not file any Court case in any where India. As per the Corporate Office that may affect our Regularization process. 

There are so many calls / SMS and Mails to our Central Coordinator for wishing and conveying congratulations for the achievement of Sri N.Kabeerdas and Team. We  convey our sincere Thanks to all of them.

As per the sources from New Delhi today the Corporate Office may release the orders to al the Circle Heads today or tomorrow regarding Regularization of the Officiating JTOs as per the provisions made in the New JTO RR 2014.

Our Central Coordinator Out Going SMS facility is barred due to crossing the limit of 6000 SMS per month. That facility will restore from 1st Nov 2015. Due to this inconvenience some of our friends are not getting SMS. Hence please watch Blog regularly.