As per the Corporate Office News the Establishment section is already sent the file  to the Director HR and other BSNL Board members for the final note approval of New JTO RR with 5 proposals. Out of 5 Regularization of Officiating JTOs is main. All the members are discussing the same. We hope that the proposals my be approved and released by today or tomorrow. After that the Establishment section may issue Regularization orders as per approval of proposals. 

Our Association is seriously perusing our Regularization and implementation of FR 22 (1)a(1) throughout India. As per the discussion the Corporate Office may issue Clarification/Reminder for implementation of FR 22(1)a(1) by 16th of this month.

Some rumors are spreading with different opinions and confusing our Officiating JTO members. Don’t trust rumors. 

The BSNL Management also perusing all the Court cases of Individual and through Associations regarding Regularization and FR 22(1)a(1).

We hope that before Dasara we may get good news.