Good News

Our GS Sri N.Kabeerdas and Sri B.D.Wani MH Circle coordinator perused with Corporate Office and Jabalpur regarding JTO Phase-1 Training for Maharasthra Circle Officiating JTOs.  At last JTO Phase-I Training for Maharasthra Officiating JTOs will be started soon in the following Training centers.
    1)   RTTC Nagapur          -2 Batches.
    2)   RTTC Pune                -1 Batch.
    3)   Jabalpur                     -1 Batch.


Preponement of JTO Phase-1 Training for AP Circle batches (March 2016)

Kolkota Officiating JTOs completed Phase-I Training.

10 Weeks Phase-I training completed for Kolkota Officiating JTOs and orders issued for 4 weeks Field Training from 08-02-2014. We convey our best wishes for the Kolkota Officiating JTOs who have completed JTO Phase-I Training.

SNEA GS letter to Director HR for consideration of Rule-8 cases when Officiating JTOs are Regularized

No: SNEA/CHQ/DIR(HR)/2015-18/18           Dated 05th February, 2016.
Smt Sujata T Ray,
DIR(HR), BSNL, New Delhi.

Sub: Sympathetic consideration of Rule-8 cases of JTOs when Officiating JTOs are regularized:

Respected Madam,
Immediately after the notification of JTO RR, management has taken initiative to regularize the officiating JTOs as a onetime measure, giving relief to them. The training started in almost all the Circles, except Maharashtra where it is held up due to litigations. 

          In Circles like Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu etc large number of officiating JTOs are getting promoted as regular JTOs. Eventhough, the number of hands are not increasing, it is a fact that they are all becoming part of regular JTOs. 

At the same time large number of Rule -8 cases are pending from different Circles as mentioned below. Utilising the officiating JTOs on regular promotion, such Circles can start relieving JTOs under Rule 8 transfer. Most of the Circles are reluctant to help the JTOs waiting for the last 8 to 10 years or more for their transfer to home Circles citing JTO shortage. Shortage in JTO and SDE cadres are there in every Circle. So simply citing shortage, non-consideration of Rule-8 cases will demoralize the JTOs eagerly waiting for their transfer.

No of Rule 8 cases
No of Offtg JTOs undergoing Trg
About 210
About 110
About 100
About 140
About 40
About 12
About 40

If your good office is not intervened, as per our report, most of the Circles will not act on it. Last time, when LICE was held, BSNLCO issued a direction to all the CGMs to consider the Rule 8 cases as much possible.

So, it is requested to issue suitable directions to the CGMs to consider the Rule-8 cases when the Officiating JTOs are getting regularized after undergoing training. Since the training is going to be completed in a couple of days in some Circles, a direction in this regard may be issued at the earliest.

With Regards,

(K. Sebastin)
Copy to: Smt. Madhu Arora, GM(Estt), BSNL for information and n/a please.