Congratulations to Sri P.Rami Reddy

        CSC Chandramouli Nagar, Guntur, AP  got ALL INDIA BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTRE AWARD 2014.  Sri P. Rami Reddy  Officiating JTO is the In charge  of that Customer Service Centre.

        Our Association conveys heartiest Congratulations to him and wishes him a great success in his life ahead.

Sri. Kambampati Haribabu Garu Hon’ble Member of Parliament Visakhapatnam, AP and Andhra Pradesh State BJP President written a letter to Sri Ravi Shankar Prasad, Hon’ble Minister of Communications & IT, Govt of India regarding Regularization of Officiating JTOs through JTO RR 2014 approval


Implementation of Deloittee Committee recommendation as a pilot project in Maharashtra Circle.

BSNL Corporate Office has taken decision to implement the recommendations of the Deloittee Committee in Maharashtra circle on pilot basis without consulting the Unions/Associations at any level. All the Unions / Associations strongly opposing the move.

The unions and associations of Maharashtra circle are meeting at Mumbai on 20-10-2014, to chalk out agitational programme, to stall the implementation of the Deloittee Committee's recommendations.

Vishisht Sanchar Seva Padak Award-2014

Friends, one of our Officiating JTO, Sri Ganesh Kamat, from STR Chikmagalure, Bangalore has been selected for the Vishisht Sanchar Seva Padak Award-2014 for his devotion towards this organization and excellence in his performance.

Our Association conveys heartiest Congratulations to him and wishes him a great success in his life ahead.



Friends, one of our Officiating JTO, Sri C.K.Suresh Babu, from Circle Office Bangalore, Karnataka Telecom Circle has been selected for the Vishishta Sanchar Seva Padak Award for his devotion towards this organization and excellence in his performance.

Our Association conveys heartiest Congratulations to him and wishes him a great success in his life ahead.


Latest developments and our delegation Delhi Tour regarding FR 22(1) a (i) and Regularization issues.

 Dear JTO (O) friends our Association continuously pursuing continuously for our long pending and legitimate issue of Regularization of TTA's to JTO's. Since 2005 we are pressuring our issue through Unions/ Associations/ and politically. From 2008 to 2013 CHANDIGARH case was hurdle to our issue. LICE Notification court cases results etc.  

July 2013 to Jan 2014 preparation of Amendments in JTO RR 2001 called as NEW JTO RR 2014.  Absorption of Officiating JTO’s approved by the MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE.

JTO RR 2014 sent to BSNL BOARD for Approval, but Board of Directors not discussed our item due to different reasons example Delloitte report even though our Association trying in various ways to discuss and approve our issue in last three meetings. We have met Board of directors Sri A N Rai CMD BSNL, Sri Anupam Srivastava Director CM & Finance, Sri N K Gupta Dircetor CFA, Sr Officers Sri S S Agarwal GM Pers, Sri Neeraj Varma GM SR, Sri R K Goyal GM Estt. and other Sr Officers in Corporate Office. Even 29/09/2014 BOARD MEETING also not discussing our issue because BSNL ACCOUNTS and BALANCE SHEET only discussed .There are 33 HR issue Items are pending for discussion and Approval.

Recently we met Sri M Venkaiah Naidu Sr Cabinet minister gave a Representation and requested  to recommend our issue Regularization through JTO RR 2014 Approval to Hon'ble minister Sri Ravishankar Prasad MOC & IT. Our Delegation also try to met SriI Ravishankar Prasad MOC&IT at Sanchar Bhavan but due to unavailability Representation given in the office.    

We also met personally Union / Association Leaders in various times regarding our issue Sri Suresh Kumar, Sarnam Singh Tomer, Sri Abhimanyu, V A N Namboodri, P Ashokbabu, Sri Candeswar Singh, Sri Islam Ahmed, Sri Rajamouly, Sri Jayaprakash, Sri Venkataraman, Sri Subburaman, Sri Subramanyam, Sri SP Sharma, Sri Rudrapal Sharma, Sri Subhash Gour, Sri H P Singh, Sri Prahlad Rai, Sri Venugopal, Sri J Saibaba, Sri Sebastin, Sri GL Jogi, Sri Padmanabha Rao, Sri Vishwanath and other 2nd line leaders....

FR 22 (1) a (i) Implementation

The BSNL Management issued 4 letters to all concerned CGM's for implementation of FR 22 (1) a (i) for BSNLOA members. Still some circles are asking query’s that is not signed by BSNL no stamp etc. Our Delegation met AK SINGH AGM Estt, Sri R.K.Goyal GM Estt along with Sri SureshKumar, Sri HP Singh. All circles in charges Coordinators may fallow and its implementation to all BSNL OA Members which are sent by corporate office.

TAMILNADU/ RAJASTHAN/ GUJRATH/ MP/ UP/ in charges ADAM/ MANIKHANTAN/ BABU/ ANJANVANNAN/ PG TOM/ MAHAJAN/ RC MANVAR/ BA RAO/ PRAJAPATHI/ HEMANT ARORA/ BENDE/ DHOKLE/ UK THRIPATI/ ANIL SRIVASTAVA/  are requested to mobilize and send BSNL OA membership fees and Legal Fund immediately. Account number will be sent to you through sms.
For others whose names were not in the list after implementation we will try for others also please don’t miss understand, we will also not leave our REGULARIZATION Issue....