FR 22 (1) a (1) Contempt Petition No.  1867/2016 between BSNL OA Versus CMD BSNL & others will be heard on 15-02-2017 at PCAT New Delhi.
FR 22 (1) a (1) Contempt Petition No.  572/2016 between BSNL OA Versus CMD BSNL & others will be heard on 15-03-2017 at PCAT New Delhi.
Reserving of posts Writ Petition No. 268/2017 between BSNL OA Versus CMD BSNL & others notice issued to the respondents from the Delhi High Court.

Legal Fund is required for continuing the FR 22 (1) a (1) contempt cases and JTO Seniority Writ Petition. The applicants in these cases are requested to send the Legal fund to All India Finance Secretary. The Account details are given below.
A/c No.  30192980518
IFSC  Code  SBIN0007112
Please send the receipt of the payment and names through WhatsApp  (9490752525) or email (mrreddy45@gmail.com).


FR 22 (1) a (1) case heard on today at PCAT New Delhi. After hearing the BSNL Advocate requested time and granted. The next date will be given on Monday.


Hello Friends,

I once again conveying my sincere thanks to all of you for the support extended during the 1st Membership Verification Process.

All of us become Regular after so much of struggles and crossing the so many hurdles. I convey my sorry to the retired Officiating JTOs who are not Regularized before Superannuation. 

Some of our colleagues are also not sent for JTO Phase-I Training due to the Deputation/Declined/Rule-8 Transfer issues during the implementation of the order. We are sincerely trying for the deputation of the above said Officiating JTOs to JTO Phase-I training at various levels. But the process was stopped due to non receipt of details in the correct format from the 3 States (Rajasthan, Chattisgharh & Tamilnadu). We informed to the respective Circle members to peruse at their Circle Office for sending the details asked by Corporate Office for which reason entire India File was kept aside. If any of the above said Officiating JTOs takes initiation and come forward to visit the above 3 Circle Offices the GS  will accompany and  guide to peruse for sending the details by those 3 Circles. The left out Officiating JTOs are requested to discuss with the effected persons and take a decision and inform to the GS for further process.

Four Court cases are filed recently and the details are given below.

Regarding FR 22 (1)a(1) at Hon’ble PCAT New Delhi (Non-Implemented case, Implemented up to December 2006 case and Implemented, reverted and Recovery started case)

1)   Contempt Petition No. 350/2015 on OA No. 1282/2010 between BSNL Officers Association v/s BSNL & Others.
2) Contempt Petition No. 5305/13/7/16 on OA No. 2947/2015 between BSNL Mazdoor Sangh v/s BSNL & Others.
3)  Contempt Petition No. 1867/2016 on OA No. 1282/2010 between BSNL Officers Association v/s BSNL & Others.

Regarding Seniority at Hon’ble High Court New Delhi

1)     Impleadment Writ Petition between BSNL Officers Association v/s BSNL & Others.

All the above cases are now at hearing stage. Due to the Contempt petitions the Corporate Office New Delhi issued orders recently vide Lr.No.  3-8/2010/Estt-IV Dated 26-12-2016 requesting the information whether the circles followed the instructions of Corporate Office vide Lr.No.  3-8/2010/Pers-IV Dated 01-01-2014 to implement the order dated 26-08-2010 in OA No. 1282/2010. All the Circles are perusing the issue. We have to wait and what reply they will give to Corporate office and in turn to PCAT New Delhi. After receiving the reply we have to object that wrong information given by the Department if it is not favorable to us.

All the Legal fund is exhausted during the long process of Court cases and Regularization issues. For continuing these court cases Legal Fund is most urgently required otherwise we are not in a position to process and continue these cases. Those who ever saw this blog please inform to others and discuss (With the applicants in these cases) about the latest status and respond as early as possible for the payment of Advocate. This is most serious condition and you should react positively and respond immediately. For any other clarification please feel free to contact our GS on his Mobile 9490286474.