Dear Friends we are fighting since 2000 for Two issues i.e. FR 22(1)a(1) and Regularization of 2nd Screening Test Qualified, Trained and Officiating JTOs through different ways (By Legally,  Through Administration, with Trade Unions and Associations). In this Course of action recently also we have updated in our blog regarding our delegation met with CMD BSNL, Director HR BSNL, GM Estb C.O, Director CFA, Director CM, All the Presidents/ General Secretaries and Leaders of Unions/Associations for detailed discussion of both the issues Implementation of FR 22(1)a(1) throughout India and Regularization of Officiating JTOs as one time measure through the early approval in the BSNL Board which was pending since more than one year after the approval of BSNL Management Committee. 

We appreciate and convey our sincere Thanks to the Director HR for the efforts put by her for hearing our issues more than Two hours with patience and understand our issue and delinking our issue from BSNL HR Plan and also getting approved in BSNL Board.  We kept the both the issues live till we reach our goal. We almost 90% succeeded in both the issue with all your Cooperation/Support extended by all of you in many ways. For Your Cordiality, trust and whole hearted support, please accept my deep appreciation. 

We are extremely Thankful to All the Presidents/General Secretaries/Leaders of all the Unions/Associations for all these years of moral support, unswerving loyalty and whole hearted support.

I also extremely Thankful to CMD BSNL, Director HR, All the BSNL Board of Directors and all the Senior Management/Officers in Corporate Office for their valuable help.

I’d like to express my infinite gratitude to BMS and BTEF Leaders for their help and support regarding our issues.  

I also extremely Thankful to State Coordinators, SSA Coordinators and active members of our Association who are accompany with me for doing this typical jobs since 2000 with so many hurdles in different ways. In sincere appreciation of your valuable help, please accept my respect and gratitude. But we are sorry to inform you that nearly 800 of our friends retired/dead without taking any benefit. 

Our delegation is planning to approach Corporate Office and Leaders of All Unions / Associations in New Delhi for getting the Final orders in good shape. We hope before next Officiating Spell we are trying to complete final job  in the process of Regularization. 

Don’t trust any  wrong SMS and calls from different persons. Please watch regularly our blog and follow the SMS/Mail from our Central Coordinator.

Thank You Very much once again.