BSNL Officers Association Meeting at Jaipur

BSNL Officers Association Meeting was held on 23-11-2016 at Jaipur. The Representatives from Kerala and Himachal Pradesh were attended the meeting. In the meeting detailed discussion was done regarding our pending issues and ongoing 1st membership verification of executive associations in BSNL.

Our main issues are

JTO Phase-I Training  for left out Officiating JTOs (Declined/Rule-8/Deputation).
Implementation of  FR 22 (1) a (1) throughout India without out discrimination with pay protection.
JTO  Service seniority.
CPSU cadre hierarchy.
Implementation of Standard pay Scales.

In the meeting it is concluded by the members that our issues will be continuously perused by our self only. There will not be much importance on our issues for any other Association. Hence all of them decided to support BSNL Officers Association and vote for Serial Number 8 after consultation and detailed discussion at their respective circles. 

Our General Secretary Sri N.Kabeerdas in his speech explained in detail regarding our issues and requested to contact our Supernumerary JTOs, Second time Phase-I trained Regular JTOs and all other Executive cadres to support BSNL Officers Association and Vote for Serial Number 8. He assured that he will concentrate mainly on our JTOs issues and at the same time he will not leave the other executive cadre issue. He promised to work for the Association and for the benefit of our members. He requested to give a opportunity to discuss our issues with the management by voting to BSNL Officers Association on Serial Number 8.