To All the Executives,
You are well aware that our Association JTO (O) A BSNL India is fighting for our issues since 2000. After a long struggle we achieved Regularization and FR 22(1) a (1) by approaching Legally, Administration and Union / Association with your open hearted support .  In implementation of  FR 22 (1) a(1) we have to overcome some hurdles. On that issue we filed a Contempt  Court case in PCAT New Delhi. Because of that case only recently the Corporate Office instructed All the Circles to implement FR 22 (1) a (1) on war foot basis and asked compliance immediately. In these process also the Circle Administrations are giving wrong interpretations i.e. implemented up to 2006 only and giving the report that they have completed the implementation. In these issue also we have to discuss with our Advocate and Director HR. In continuous perusing this case we also trying to get the service from the date of Officiating.  
 Some of our Friends are not sent for JTO Phase-I Training due to their Rule-8 transfer, decline as Officiating JTO and other issues. We have represented with the Director HR and GM Estb on this issue several times ( Total 33 members of AP, Kerala,Karnatak and J&K) and the Director HR assured to give the favourable orders on this issue. We are also sincerely trying for the deputation of these Officiating JTOs to JTO Phase-I Training as early as possible. We are assuring to extend the faithful services to our Executives to get their genuine benefits.
After Regularization our Association JTO (O) A BSNL India is merged in BSNL OA to achieve our future goals. As this association BSNL OA  only has extended its full support and filed so many cases in the favour of Officiating JTOs  to get Regularization and FR 22 (1) a (1). BSNL OA welcomed and elected Our Central Coordinator Sri N.Kabeer Das as General Secretary.
As a General Secretary of BSNL OA i request all the Executives of BSNL / Regularized JTOs to extend your cooperation and support to this Association to get the all sorts of benefits from the department as early as possible please vote to BSNL OA Serial number 8 in First Membership verification of BSNL Executives.