Jodhpur Court case details

Today Jodhpur CAT case OA No 290/000165/16 listed in Court Hall no 1 with Sl No 28, but not heard due to the Single Bench sitting instead of Double Bench due to some reasons. All the Double bench cases are posted on 13-07-2016. Our Association BSNL OA submitted the impleadment petition through our Advocate Sri Mahender Singh Godara. Except our Association no one filed the impleadment petition today. Our GS spoken with Sr. Officers in Corporate Office regarding this case. Department Advocate Sri K.S.Yadav submitted the reply today. Depart side DGM Jaipur, AGM and SDE Legal are present in the Court. Our delegation Sri N.kabeerdas GS along with Rajasthan JTOs Sri N.L. JAT, Sri Jai Singh, Sri Pathan, Sri Umesh Singh and Sri K.S.Baduva present in the Court.