delhi trip/telegram/pay revision

The central and state coor dinators are meeting at new delhi regarding our jto promotion one time meassure up gradation court case departmental statagy , unions stand,and association , All the district coordinators incharges treasurers are requested to tutch with delhi representatives regularly ple. ......DOT ISSUES PAY REVISION ORDERS ON 27/02/2009 FOR BSNL EXCUTIVES 30% INCREASE IN BASIC PAY ..... GOOD NEWS TO ALL THE EC .............. ALL the jto (o) officials are requested to send a telegram to CMD. BSNL, corporate office ,bsnl bhavan ,janpath road, new delhi,110001, message . KINDLY TAKE EARLY DECISION FOR ONE TIME MEASSURE UP GRADATION .TTA!s to JTO,S NOW JTO OFFICIATING JTO 2173... OFFICIALS ALL OVER INDIA SENDERS NAME and office addres. ON 02/03/2009 MONDAY ONLY PLEASE. The Association is getting some romours regarding 35% examination and waiting list cancelled,officiating spell . this association will not allow to any exam/ list/offi/by the management side or unions side we will strongly protest if nessasary aproach leagally also all the members wiss visite our BLOG ... KABEERDASJTO.BLOGSPOT.COM FORforther information updates and give any information also please.